What Are Some Ideas for Ladies' Night Games?


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Some suitable games for a ladies' night in include "What's a Dame to Do," which presents scenarios or dilemmas and guessing each other's actions in each, and "I've Never," where players take it in turns to name the things they have never done, with the other players taking a drink of wine if they have. There are also a number of packaged games for sale intended to test friends' knowledge of each other.

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Cooking is also popular as a ladies' night activity. This could involve separating into pairs and making some confections to pair with wine, all of which might pair well with a "chick flick" movie marathon.

Makeover-related activities are a longstanding favorite. Inviting all guests to bring a selection of makeup and beauty products can introduce everyone to new looks they might never have tried for themselves. With wigs, new hairstyles and hair colors can also be sampled without the potential for next-day regret.

Bringing a range of unwanted clothes to trade with each other is another good way to update one's look while at the same time clearing space in the wardrobe. A fun way to set this up is to throw a "Naked Lady" party, in which all guests arrive in their unwanted clothes and leave in the unwanted clothes of others.

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