What Are Some Ideas on How to Host a Kids' Christmas Party?

ideas-host-kids-christmas-party Credit: Peopleimages.com/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When throwing a kids' Christmas party, a host may plan a gingerbread-house-making extravaganza, a Christmas cookie exchange, a craft party or a "Polar Express" party. A gingerbread-house-making party allows children to get into the spirit of the season. They can build or just decorate gingerbread houses depending on their ages and go home with gingerbread cookies or apron party favors.

A yummy kid's Christmas party idea is a cookie exchange. All guests bring cookies along with recipes for the cookies. The kids get to go around and pick a cookie or two from each guest to put on their own plates. After collecting the recipes for each type of cookie, the kids can make small cookbooks out of them as party favors

Kids love to craft, so a Christmas crafting party is a great idea. There are several possible Christmas crafts kids can make, such as ornaments, advent calendars, Christmas cards or wrapping paper. These crafts also serve the dual purpose of being party favors.

A host can plan a Christmas party around the popular book and movie "The Polar Express." Parents can send out invitations that resemble train tickets and invite guests to arrive in their pajamas. Once the party begins, the kids are served hot chocolate and train-shaped cookies. Afterwards, the kids watch the movie or listen to a reading of the book. A great party favor for this party is a jingle bell.