What Are Some Ideas for Homemade Thanksgiving Party Favors?

What Are Some Ideas for Homemade Thanksgiving Party Favors?

Ideas for Thanksgiving party favors include recipe cards, edible turkey-themed favors, decorated pumpkins and Thanksgiving-themed candles. These favor ideas add a decorative touch to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Favorite Thanksgiving recipes printed on decorative cards work well as party favors for adults. They can be made using autumn-colored card stock with Thanksgiving stickers or stamps to add a special touch. Guests can use the cards to recreate their favorite dishes on the Thanksgiving menu at home.

Edible turkey-themed favors come in different forms. One option is to fill a plastic cup with chocolate candy and attach feathers and a turkey head cut from construction paper to the cup. Another option is to dip cake balls in chocolate and use candy corn as the feathers. A small chocolate candy attached with frosting serves as the face.

Mini pumpkins or gourds add to the ambiance and can double as place cards. Real or artificial pumpkins work for the craft. A Thanksgiving bow or fall-colored flowers glued to the top of the pumpkin add a decorative touch. The host can paint each guest's name on a pumpkin to make place cards.

A candle is another simple option that guests can use at home. To make these, the host hot glues corn husks to the outside of a clear glass candle holder. Another option is to decoupage fall leaves cut from paper to the outside of the candle holder. A candle in a fall color completes the favor.