What Are Some Ideas for Homemade Baby Shower Cards?


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Some ideas for homemade baby shower cards are to tie a card to a small baby item, cutting a card into the shape of a baby item, and placing a card inside a baby bottle. Another idea is to make a personal label and attach it to a baby food container.

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Inexpensive baby items such as pacifiers or teething rings work well for attaching a baby shower card or invitation. Write the message on a small tag, and punch a hole in the tag. Use a string or colorful ribbon to attach the card tag to the baby item.

Construction or cardstock paper can be cut into shapes of baby items such as bottles, bibs, pacifiers and strollers. Fold the card and write the message on the inside.

For the baby bottle idea, write a message on a bright piece of paper, roll up the paper and secure it with a ribbon. Place the message inside a baby bottle. Appropriate color choices include blue, pink and yellow.

To make a baby food label "card," peel the nutrition label off a jar of baby food and measure it. Create a homemade label with a personalized message using computer software and adhesive-backed paper, and then cut to the same dimensions. Adhere the new label to the baby food jar.

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