What Are Ideas for a High School Homecoming?

Great high school homecoming ideas always center around the idea of celebration, whether it is a celebration of the alumni who are returning to visit their old high school, the current students and their achievements or the history of the school itself. Homecoming is always an exciting time as alumni return and renew their friendships with one another and with the faculty. Finding a good theme and creative ideas for homecoming is not difficult as long as the concept of celebration and welcome is kept at the heart of the event.

In planning a high school homecoming, it is important to recognize the ideas that have worked well at previous homecoming celebrations, since returning alumni are likely to expect what they have experienced before. While homecoming typically centers on a football game, there is plenty of room to expand the festivities. Many schools hold a "spirit week" during the week leading up to the homecoming game, filled with pep rallies and themed days such as pajama day, crazy hat day or school colors day. Some schools hold homecoming dances or parades. Others host homecoming fairs filled with bake sales, midway games, carnival rides and food booths.

Often, special parties are held just for alumni to reconnect, usually right before the football game. Sometimes schools choose a different theme each year and organize all the decorations and events around that theme.