What Are Some Ideas for Handmade Birthday Cards?


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Some homemade birthday cards feature a deck of cards with thoughtful messages written on each one, a cupcake made from different media and three dimensional options that pop out. Potential decorative card making supplies include tags, tape, balloons, staples and ribbon.

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To make a playful card using a balloon, inflate a latex balloon and write a birthday message on it with a sharpie. After the ink dries, deflate the balloon and stretch out the section with the message. Affix the deflated balloon to a piece of card stock using craft tape, and then tie a note stating "Inflate" on the neck of the balloon with a ribbon or cord. Decorate the card as desired.

To create a large cupcake as the centerpiece for a card, cut a colorful cupcake wrapper in half, and place both halves of the wrapper stacked on top of one another. Make the top of the cupcake with brown card stock, and use an actual birthday candle as a topping. Tie a ribbon into a bow, and wrap it around the candle before affixing to the card. Write the word "wish" in large letters with the candle as the letter "I."

For a simple birthday card, craft a bouquet using strips of string as the stems and buttons as the buds. Tie a bow, and adhere where the bouquet stems join together.

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