What Are Some Ideas for Halloween Yard Decorations?


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Ideas for Halloween yard decorations include fake tombstones with mounds of soil in front of them to look like freshly filled graves and a tree filled with illuminated jack-o'-lanterns and fake crows. Bare-limbed trees show off the jack-o'lanterns and crows the best, so strip your tree of any remaining dead leaves. Nest lightweight plastic jack-o'-lanterns illuminated with LED candles on the branches that are able to support them and place a few fake crows on individual branches surrounding the jack-o'-lanterns.

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To enhance the look of gravestones with mounds of fresh soil in front of them, place a plastic skeleton or zombie hand into the dirt of at least one grave to make it appear as though a dead person in trying to escape from it. If your plastic tombstones do not light up, place some LED candles by them to make them visible at night.

If your yard has any bushes, place sets of glowing eyes in them to make it appear as though sinister creatures are lurking in them. Begin by taking finished paper-towel rolls and cutting a pair of eyes into each one. Eyes that curve upwards at the outer corners look especially sinister. Place a glow stick inside of each hollow paper-towel roll, taping it so that it rests right against the eye cutouts.

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