What Are Some Ideas for Good 21st Birthday Gifts for a Daughter?

Gift ideas for a daughter's 21st birthday include jewelry, an evening out, a book, a scrapbook and clothing. Gift cards for 21 dollars are another option that pairs well with a 21st birthday. The best gifts vary based on the recipient and her interests.

Jewelry with gold, silver or diamonds is an option, but the jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. An inexpensive, simple piece for casual wear works well on a 21st birthday.

Evening out options include taking the girl to dinner, a movie or live entertainment, such as a concert. Making it a surprise is one way to make the gift more special.

Since a 21st birthday is a major life occurrence, the parent can give the girl an inspiring book, or a book by her favorite author. For a scrap book or collage, the parent puts together a series of photographs and other special items that relate to the girl's life thus far.

Clothing is one way that many girls express their personalities. If the parent wants to buy clothing, he should choose something that fits the daughter's style. Clothing ideas include sweaters, jackets, t-shirts and dresses. Accessory ideas include shoes, boots, a purse, slippers and sunglasses.

A gift card to her favorite store shows the recipient that her parents know where she enjoys shopping. It also allows her to choose something herself.