What Are Some Ideas for a Girls-Only Spa Birthday Party?

What Are Some Ideas for a Girls-Only Spa Birthday Party?

Activity ideas for a girls-only spa party include facials, manicures and pedicures, homemade sugar scrubs and personalized eye masks. Some spa-themed decoration ideas include fresh flowers in vases, rose petals and glass containers of decorative soaps. A spa menu might feature finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and smoothies.

With only girls on the guest list, a list of girlie spa treatments is a fitting choice for the party activities. If the guest list is long, setting up stations with each of the different treatments keeps the girls entertained without the group getting too large. An adult to direct each station keeps the party on track. Older girls can handle most of the spa treatments themselves.

Toe separators and lots of nail polish colors are a must at the pedicure and manicure station. Cotton balls, cotton swabs and nail polish remover also come in handy.

In addition to the spa treatments, making homemade spa items such as sugar scrubs, lip balm and bath fizzy balls keep the girls entertained. The items that they make double as party favors at the end of the pampering session.

Another option is to let the girls each personalize an eye mask. Starting with plain masks, the girls use fabric paint, sequins and other craft supplies to adorn the masks.