What Are Some Ideas for Funky Handmade Gifts?

What Are Some Ideas for Funky Handmade Gifts?

Some funky handmade gifts include a fork bracelet, salt or sugar body scrubs and a sweater coffee cup sleeve. A vinyl record notebook is another fun and funky gift that can be made at home.

A fork bracelet is made by taking a cheap fork, and bending it with the curve to shape it around a wrist. The crafter then uses pliers to bend the prongs in curly, interesting patterns.

One simple body scrub can be made by mixing a banana, granulated sugar and vanilla extract or a favorite oil. After the mixture is crushed together, it is rubbed over the body in the shower. Another easy homemade scrub to use in the shower is a vanilla coconut brown sugar scrub, which uses coconut oil, brown sugar and vanilla.

A sweater coffee cup sleeve can be made by knitting it with leftover yarn or by cutting up the sleeve of an old sweater. Embellishment is then added to personalize it.

To create a record notebook, recycled paper is gathered, and then holes are punched into the paper. The crafter then traces around the paper on the record, with a wider border where the record will be cut. The crafter then puts the record in an oven set at 350 degrees until the record is malleable, then cuts the record to the desired size. The cut record is placed back in the oven to flatten it. The crafter then places hot glue on the bound paper and places that on a piece of duct tape, with the pieces of record placed on either side.