What are some ideas for a funeral sermon message?


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Ideas for funeral messages for a Christian who has died include sharing thoughts on Psalm 23 or exploring eternal life through John 17:3. Funeral sermons vary depending on the beliefs of the deceased and the circumstances of his death.

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For the funeral of a deceased Christian who was actively involved in a church, the pastor may choose to share a message related to a favorite passage of Scripture well known to the deceased or the congregation. These familiar verses often bring comfort to mourners who can recall the faith of the person who has died.

Connecting with sadness is also important, and some pastors have used Jesus' own grief over the death of Lazarus in John 11 as an example of grief in the Bible. If there are non-Christians in attendance at the funeral of a Christian, the pastor may share a hopeful message about the Gospel and invite those who have not yet given their lives to Jesus to do so in faith.

Funerals that involve a tragic death or more complicated circumstances, such as sudden illness or suicide, may include a message of trust that God can overcome any difficult situation. This message may also connect with the spiritual battle described in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 15:54-57, in which God has the ultimate victory over death even when Satan causes tragedy in this life.

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