What Are Some Ideas for Father of the Bride Speeches?

What Are Some Ideas for Father of the Bride Speeches?

Some things to include in a father of the bride speech are a welcome for the guests, some sentiments about the bride, and some sentiments about the new son-in-law. The speech should also include some words of wisdom and a closing toast to the newly married couple.

The speech should begin with an introduction, followed by a welcome to the guests that thanks them for coming. It is a good idea to specifically mention the bride's mother and the groom's parents.

Words about the bride can include a funny anecdote from her youth, or a statement of pride due to the fact that she has become the woman she is. Stories from her youth can include what she was like at school, as a baby or her early working days. This portion of the speech can also include what she was like before she met her husband-to-be, and what she is like now that she has found him. This speaks to who they are as a couple, and why they are meant to be together.

Words about the groom can include a welcome to the family. Some ideas to include are first impressions or moments when the bride's father has been grateful that the groom was present.

A speech should also include how the daughter makes the father feel, both when she was younger and in present day, as well as how it feels to give his daughter away.

Words of wisdom can speak to maintaining a healthy marriage or living a happy life. For fathers who want to impart humor, this part of the speech can include some jokes about wives, weddings or life in general.