What Are Some Ideas for Easy Jack-O-Lantern Faces?

ideas-easy-jack-o-lantern-faces Credit: James A. Guilliam/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Easy jack-o-lantern faces include a classic smiling face, a toothy grinning face and a startled face. These faces are easy for children to help with, but adult supervision is necessary when using sharp tools for carving.

Carving is easier if the face is drawn on the pumpkin ahead of time. A permanent marker works well because it does not rub off easily with the moisture of the pumpkin.

When creating a happy face, crescent-shaped eyes look like smiling eyes. The tips of the crescents should either point in toward the middle or down toward the bottom of the face. The classic nose is a triangle, and two or three teeth can be added to the top and bottom of the crescent-shaped smile.

Toothpicks make perfect scraggly, scary teeth. After carving the face of the pumpkin, the carver inserts toothpicks inside the mouth along the top and bottom. Broken and uneven toothpicks add to the chilling effect.

A funny, startled pumpkin face begins with two large round circles for the eyes and a large round mouth that looks like it is gasping in surprise. Carving jagged points around the circumference of the top of the pumpkin gives the pumpkin the look of hair standing on end.