What Are Some Ideas for Easter Plays for Small Churches?

A small church can put on an Easter play about Palm Sunday, the story of the empty tomb or the resurrection. The plays can be customized to the number of people available, as well as any time constraints.

Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is one of the holiest days in the Christian community, and many churches choose to celebrate by putting on plays or skits. The three main components of the holiday are Palm Sunday, the death and resurrection of Jesus and the discovery and meaning of the empty tomb.

Palm Sunday is when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. He was greeted with jubilation and celebration, and the crowds greeted him by waving palm leaves and covering his path with palm branches. The main characters in this play would be Jesus and a person depicting the donkey he rode. Some extra people will be needed to act as the crowd with the palm fronds.

The death and resurrection of Jesus makes for a solemn yet joyous play, and features only a minimum of three characters: Jesus and two soldiers to put him on the cross. There can be extras, such as his mother, Mary, and people in the crowd.

The empty tomb is a visual representation of Jesus's ascension to Heaven. One character to play Jesus, three women that observe the empty tomb and a soldier to guard the tomb are the only players required for this play.