What Are Some Ideas for Diaper Decorations?

ideas-diaper-decorations Credit: GILKIS - Emielke van Wyk/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Diapers can be used in diaper cakes and wreaths for decorations. For a twist at a baby shower, the hostess can turn other items into faux diapers to create a diaper-themed shower.

Diaper cakes are popular, common decoration pieces at baby showers. They translate well into the nursery or changing area of the expectant parents' house. Creating a diaper cake for decoration requires approximately 50 diapers, tape, ribbon and other baby essentials. A larger, more sturdy object is needed for the center of the diaper cake, such as a bottle of baby shampoo or lotion.

Another interesting diaper decoration is a diaper wreath. This decoration is still functional for the new parents, but offers a different look from the more traditional diaper cake. The necessary supplies for a diaper wreath include 16 diapers, a wreath base, curling ribbon and other small baby items. Curling ribbon is used to attach travel sized bottles of lotion, shampoo and baby wash, pacifiers, nail clippers and other grooming or diaper bag essentials.

For diaper decorations that aren't made from diapers, napkins make a great alternative. When folded into the shape of a diaper, napkins can be used to decorate any surface. Card stock can be folded into a diaper shape, creating a diaper invitation. A smaller piece of paper makes a diaper corsage, which is a fun alternative to traditional floral corsages.