What Are Some Ideas for Decorating a Valentine's Day Box?


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Valentine's Day boxes can be decorated in the traditional pink and red with construction paper hearts pasted on to the top of the box. Decorating ideas also include placing a strip of white, pink or red lace on the top of a shoebox.

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Creative ideas to decorate a Valentine's Day box also include replicating a mailbox by crafting a vertical box with a small opening at the top for cards. Crafters can write the word "Mail" at the top of the box and color the box pink or red with markers or crayons. Paper plates can also be used to create a Valentine's Day cardholder box. Individuals can fold the paper plate into a heart shape with a handle attached to the top of the plate for a portable Valentine's Day box. The heart can be colored or painted red or pink for the holiday.

Decorative boxes for Valentine's Day can be wrapped in wrapping paper that adorns hearts, heartfelt love messages or pink and red colors. Crafters can cut a hole in the top of the box to place cards or allow for the top of the box to open to retrieve treats, cards or gifts for a holiday party.

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