What Are Some Ideas for Decorating Banquet Tables?


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Some ideas for decorating a banquet table include incorporating the theme of the event, utilizing the main color palette, being creative in designing table centerpieces and ensuring that guests have enough room to move, eat and see across the table. Some other things to consider are the height of the table, its decor and the safety of the design.

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Whether the event is a wedding, a graduation or a corporate event, there is a theme that ties the event coordination together. A wedding banquet table incorporates the bride's chosen color palette and flower choice. A school event utilizes the school colors, or in the case of a prom, a theme based on some aspect of pop culture. A business event may not have an overtly creative design, but the design of the table is based on the formality of the event or the seasonal time the event takes place. The table incorporates color and theme through the use of tablecloths, place settings, dinnerware and centerpieces.

Decorating tables with accessories and flowers often presents the dilemma about how high or large to make the decor. Guests need to be able to see each other across the table, or see servers as they come and go. This can be done with shorter centerpieces or tall centerpieces with a thin or clear middle section. The guests and serving staff need enough room to comfortably eat or serve without the fear of spilling or knocking things down. The centerpiece needs to be functional with the overall space provided.

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