What Are Ideas for Custom Bachelorette Party Shirts?


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Custom bachelorette shirt ideas may include the bride's current and future name, a message about the party, guests or location, a simple message like, "Team Bride," or any saying that celebrates the bride's "last night out."

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Customizing the bride's shirt with her name, be it her current name, married name or both, is one easy option for customized bachelorette party shirts. A simple script reading, "The Future Mrs. (Name)'s party" is one way to celebrate the night. All party guests can get in on the fun with a shirt celebrating the group of ladies with a unifying statement such as, "(Bride's Name)'s Girls."

Bridesmaids may also enjoy showing their support for the bride by wearing matching "Team Bride" shirts. This works especially well for "jack-and-jill" parties, where groomsmen may also be present.

On the wilder side, shirts celebrating the night's party atmosphere with references to drinking, dancing or other silliness can be customized with the bride's favorite drink, such as, "I'm tying the knot, buy me a whiskey shot."

Finally, shirts can be customized with a geographic reference noting the event's location. Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide recommends such country sayings as, "Yee Haw, I'm getting hitched!" or "MCDC: Music City Drinking Committee." Similar references to the party's location, such as "The Big Party in the Big Apple," for example, add a bit of flair to a custom bachelorette party t-shirt.

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