What Are Some Ideas for Creating a Valentine's Day Box?


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Creative ideas for a Valentine's Day box include wrapping a pink or red box with ribbon and attaching a dried rose on top of the box. Valentine's Day boxes can also include heart-shaped construction-paper cut-outs attached to the top with customized messages of love and adoration.

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A Valentine's Day box can be fully functional to store cards, treats and well wishes. Crafters can wrap the box in red or pink tissue paper and attach heart-shaped stickers along the border of the box after cutting a rectangular hole in the top to insert cards. Strips of red, pink or white lace can be interwoven together and glued around the exterior box for an elegant look.

Children seeking a unique box to share and collect Valentine's Day cards can shape the box in the form of their favorite animal, superhero or cartoon character or decorate a shoe box with stickers. Creative types can take a square box and decorate smaller, colored squares to resemble a Rubiks cube, complete with hearts and customized love messages on each square. Valentine's Day boxes can also be customized to show off interests. For example, bird lovers can create a pink and red bird on top of the box with wings made of feathers or construction paper flowing off the sides of the decorated card holder.

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