How Do You Find Ideas for Company Christmas Parties?


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When planning a company Christmas party, inspiration starts with surveying employees to see which activities, venues and themes are the most appealing to them. Life123 advises the party planner to consider all other aspects of the party based on the nature of the business and the personalities of the employees. Recruiting a party planning committee is an ideal way to ensure the satisfaction of the workers during the party.

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Selecting a nonreligious theme for the party avoids creating any uncomfortable situations. For example, Life123 suggests that "if there are Jewish or other non-Christian employees, be considerate and find a theme that will not make anyone feel out of place." The site also recommends using music and decorations to set a festive mood at the party. Potential decorations range from casual paper snowflakes and twinkle lights to elaborate glass centerpieces and fancy floral arrangements. Using a variety of music, including Christmas ballads, carols and classical tunes, helps everybody at the party feel comfortable. If the company budget allows, hiring a DJ is ideal if there will be dancing.

Competitions and games such as gingerbread house decorating or "pin the nose on the reindeer" are appropriate interactive activities to keep guests entertained. The Stocking Factory recommends holding a contest for the best holiday attire to get people involved and in the holiday spirit. Providing party favors is also a thoughtful way to leave guests with something memorable to take home and cherish. Personalized ornaments, stockings or Santa hats are practical gift ideas that can be used during holiday seasons for years to come.

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