What Are Some Ideas for Christmas Presents for My Husband?

What Are Some Ideas for Christmas Presents for My Husband?

Clothing, tech gadgets, tickets to sporting events and surprise vacations are popular Christmas gifts for men. The gift should cater to his interests and needs.

Clothing items like ties, pajamas, slippers and sweaters are common (if somewhat safe) Christmas gifts for husbands and dads. Christmas is the perfect time of year for cold-weather items, such as scarves, hats and mittens. Some husbands may appreciate hand knitted accessories, while others would prefer high-end items from a department store. The important thing is to remember his preferences.

Man-centric items like flasks and shaving kits are also popular, and can often be personalized with initials, sports logos, or inscribed with private jokes. Power tools are the quintessential husband gift, but are a bad idea if he isn’t handy.

The marriage blog "Love Truthfully" recommends unique gifts, such as ship building sets, Netflix memberships, beer brewing kits, tailored suits, a surprise fishing trip, a year's worth of lawn mowing services, camping gear or a baseball spring training trip.

For men who enjoy pampering themselves, high-end personal grooming items and luxury aftershaves, toners and mustache waxes are good ideas. Tech gadgets like iPhone upgrades, bluetooth accessories, smartphone cases and home theater equipment, such as curved-screen televisions, are popular ideas, too.

Budget-strapped spouses can choose creative, DIY options like helping the kids put on a play their dad would enjoy, or decorating a frame for a family photo. Coupons for household tasks or romantic moments are free and fun.