What Are Some Ideas for a Child's Birthday Party?


Ideas for a child's birthday include a themed party at home or a destination party at a child's party place, park, local attraction or recreation area. Entertainment options include games, crafts, sports, themed activities and party entertainers such as clowns or costumed characters.

The first decision is whether to have the party at home or at another location. A home party is cheaper, but space is often limited and the parent takes on all party planning responsibilities. A destination party offers built-in entertainment and often involves less work for the parent but costs more.

Some home party themes include mad scientist with interactive science experiments, pirate adventure with a treasure hunt, fire fighters with a visit from the local fire department or a garden party with a planting project. General home party ideas include decorating cupcakes, painting pictures, hitting a piñata, renting a bounce house and making balloon animals.

Entertainment venues that work well for a party away from home include bowling alleys, laser tag facilities, skating rinks, movie theaters and centers with inflatables. Local attractions that may offer birthday party packages include museums, zoos, botanical gardens and amusement parks. These locations typically offer different party packages that may include food, activities and party favors.