What Are Some Ideas for Celebrating a 60th Birthday?


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To celebrate a person's 60th birthday, create invitations, decorations and games for the party that have a unique connection to the guest of honor's life. Organize activities and and serve food focused on the person and her life, friendships, adventures and accomplishments.

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Make custom invitations using blank 5-by-7-inch cards in the decor colors. Use reprints of baby photos of the guest of honor and secure them to the front of the invitations. Add a phrase such as "60 years in the future" under the photo. Inside the card, print out 4-by-6-inch card stock with the party information, or fill in the card's existing paper using handwriting or calligraphy. Add a current photo of the guest of honor inside the card, as well.

Use the guest of honor's favorite colors in the party decor. Create a photo time line of the person's life highlights and allow guests to write messages on the free spaces of the banner or boards. If the guest of honor has a favorite place to vacation, decorate the venue to resemble it and serve the area's traditional fare.

Create a game of 60 trivia questions about the guest of honor; categories might include childhood dreams and hobbies. Have a special prize for the winners of the game. If the person's old acquaintances cannot attend, ask them to send a special note or video for viewing during the party. Create a "This Is Your Life" game and give the person clues about the special friends in attendance before they come out to make an appearance.

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