What Are Ideas for Celebrating a 50th Birthday?

ideas-celebrating-50th-birthday Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

A few ideas for celebrating a 50th birthday are having a 50-minute massage or facial, ordering 50 favorite flowers or having a party and inviting 50 friends and relatives. There are many ways to celebrate what many consider to be a milestone birthday, and a specific plan ultimately depends on personal preferences and budget.

In addition to inviting 50 guests to a party, set up a special roast in which friends and family can all participate by giving short speeches about the honoree. The roast would require creating a few topic lists that people can read from when they give their speeches. Some topics that might work well for a 50th birthday speech are 50 favorite foods, places or movies or 50 little know facts about, 50 greatest achievements of, 50 best outfits from or 50 reasons to love the guest of honor.

Guests may be asked to fill out the list beforehand or during the party. Writing answers for each list and keeping them aside as a backup, just in case someone forgets to bring his list to the party, is a good way to ensure a seamless event. Party decorations can include 50 words and/or balloons hung from the ceiling. Words should describe the best qualities of the birthday honoree.