What Are Some Ideas for Carving Scary Faces Into Pumpkins?


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Ideas for carving scary faces into pumpkins include creating an evil grin or a jagged frowning mouth. To make a grin evil, curl the upturned corners of the mouth and carve some pointy teeth. Alternatively, you can make the grinning mouth hollow and add wooden skewers to form sharp, needle-point teeth. Accompany the grinning mouth with narrowed eyes with the outer corners pointing upward. Make the outer corners of the jagged, frowning mouth point downward.

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For your scary pumpkin's nose, consider utilizing the pumpkin's curved stem, carving the face into the top of the pumpkin. Misshapen stems create a more grotesque-looking face. The skin on the top of the pumpkin is usually wrinkly, so it can give your scary face a shrivelled look.

You can use a mostly green or discolored pumpkin to make your jack-o-lantern look like a zombie. To create a scary zombie pumpkin, carve the top of the head to look like the pumpkin's brains are slightly exposed. If you use a large pumpkin for your zombie, you can place a miniature pumpkin in its mouth to make it appear as though the zombie pumpkin is eating it. Make your zombie pumpkin look mindless or possessed by carving round, swirling eyes.

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