What Are Some Ideas for Candyland Party Props?


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Some suggestions for Candyland party props include giant wrapped candy pieces, lollipop balloons, and a colorful pathway. Tables covered with multicolor candy containers, gingerbread cookies, candy-covered cakes and cupcakes are also decorative props for a Candyland theme party.

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To make giant wrapped candy pieces, use colored paper plates, clear cellophane and tape. Stack two plates facing each other and fasten the edges together with tape. Fold a large piece of cellophane in half and put the stacked plates in between. Twist the cellophane on both sides of the plate and put a piece of clear tape around the cellophane to hold it in place.

Lollipop balloons are made with colorful balloons, wrapping paper tubes, white paint, cellophane and clear tape. Paint the wrapping paper tubes white to make lollipop sticks. Attach one balloon to the top of each tube using clear tape. Wrap the balloons in cellophane and gather the ends of the cellophane around the top of the tube. Tape the gathered cellophane to finish the lollipop wrapper.

A colorful pathway that resembles the Candyland game board is easy to make with a couple packages of construction paper and some tape. Attach loops of tape to the back of each paper square. Arrange the colored paper squares on the floor to form a curvy pathway.

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