What Are Some Ideas for Birthday Crafts?


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Families can take a crafty approach to birthday celebrations by letting guests make their own T-shirts, shoes, beaded jewelry or treasure maps. T-shirt projects are easy to adapt to any age group. Young children may enjoy finger painting or using stencils to create custom designs on blank T-shirts, while teens and adults may prefer to use clothing dye to produce unique tie-dye patterns.

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What Are Some Ideas for Birthday Crafts?
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Similar to T-shirts, low-cost canvas sneakers offer a blank surface on which to draw shapes, names and patterns. Party guests can use paint, paint pens or fabric markers to draw everything from polka dots and stripes to flowers and spaceships.

Adults and kids who are old enough to handle tiny objects can make colorful birthday-inspired jewelry. Party hosts can provide string and an assortment of beads and spacers, letting each guest arrange their accessories in custom patterns. Hosts can accommodate boys and girls by offering a diverse color palette or beads in themed shapes.

To put an exciting twist on a treasure hunt, hosts can let party guests hide mystery objects and create treasure maps. Hosts can hand out small toys or party favors to use as hidden treasures. Birthday guests should hide their objects and use paper and drawing tools to design treasure maps, which they can trade with other guests to hunt for the hidden objects.

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