What Are Some Ideas for Baby Shower Venues?

What Are Some Ideas for Baby Shower Venues?

Ideas for baby shower venues include a home, restaurant or tea room, reception hall or community center, hotel suite or outdoor space such as a park. Holding the shower at the office is an option when the shower is for a colleague. Venue options with built-in shower entertainment include a spa, dinner cruise or bowling alley.

Factors in choosing a baby shower venue include the budget, size of the guest list, and type of activities planned for the shower. The venue should comfortably hold all of the guests with enough room for activities and refreshments. Holding the shower at a home is cost-effective, but a large guest list may not fit well.

Restaurants often have party rooms, allowing the shower party to have a private room. A tea room offers a feminine touch to the shower. Both of these options offer built-in food for the shower menu. A reception hall, community center or clubhouse generally has plenty of open space for the party. Some require a particular caterer, while others allow outside food.

If the weather is nice, an outdoor venue is an option. A park with a shelter house works well for a picnic-style baby shower. A natural area, such as a lake or outdoor recreation area, is also an option.

For a less traditional shower, an entertainment spot offers an option without the need to plan baby shower games. All the guests can get a pedicure at a spa or play a few rounds of mini golf together.