What Are Some Ideas for an African American Family Reunion?


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Some ideas for an African American family reunion include holding the reunion near historic sites related to black history and working on a family story quilt. Another idea is to team up elder family members with younger ones for games like cards and dominoes.

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Holding a family reunion in a location rich with African American history can offer opportunities to learn more about cultural roots. For example, the Beaufort, South Carolina, area is home to several historic plantations, museums and coastal islands that tell the story of the slaves brought over from Africa to tend the rice fields, and the strong African customs and traditions they were able to maintain.

African American story quilts symbolically tell a story through images on each quilt patch. Some slave women used to make them with any fabric scraps they could find. For a family reunion, organizers can ask each household to prepare a patch for the story quilt that tells its own family story and bring the patch to the reunion. Family members that know how to sew can put the patches together for one large story quilt that represents the whole family.

Teaming up elderly family members with younger ones for activities can help strengthen bonds and respect for elders, commonly an important virtue for African American families. Elders can teach young family members how to play table games historically popular in African American culture, such as dominoes and bid whist.

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