What Are Some Ideas for an 80th Birthday Party?

ideas-80th-birthday-party Credit: efesan/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Some ideas for an 80th birthday celebration include a birthday by the numbers, a jazz-themed dance party and a high-tea ceremony. An 80th birthday party can go in any direction as long as it matches the temperament and energy level of the celebrant.

Eighty is a milestone year, and a party themed entirely around the number is one possible choice. Consider using 80 as the basis for the party's decorations. Refreshments could include 80 birthday cupcakes or a jar filled with 80 pieces of candy. For decorations, try blowing up 80 balloons or decorating the table with a centerpiece composed of 80 flowers.

A jazz-themed party is a thoughtful choice for 80-year-old celebrants. This party is particularly enjoyable for a guest of honor who is still active enough to get out on the dance floor. Create a jazz playlist, ask guests to come in period costumes and offer a speakeasy bar serving period drinks such as mint juleps, Manhattans and sidecars.

For a less active 80-year-old, a high-tea ceremony requires a bit less movement. For high tea, guests all gather at the table, partaking in fancy teas and other refreshments. A high-tea party can also incorporate activities such as trivia and sharing memories about the celebrant.