What Are Some Ideas for a 70s Party Theme?

What Are Some Ideas for a 70s Party Theme?

Ideas for a 70s party theme include disco and mirror ball decor and playing DVDs of television shows and movies from the 70s. Activities include teaching 70s dance moves like the "Hustle" and "Night Fever Line Dance."

To decorate for a 70s party, use lava lamps, fog machines, beaded curtains and black lights. Craft "beaded" curtains using pop and beer bottle caps instead of beads for an authentic 70s vibe. Decorate the walls with 70s posters featuring famous icons like Farrah Fawcett and Mr. Natural.

Serve food such as Jiffy popcorn, Tang, Twinkies, pigs in a blanket and melon balls to remind guests how the 70s tasted. For a birthday party, bake a round cake and decorate it with yellow and black frosting to create a smiley face, one of the biggest icons of the 70s.

For an all-out themed party, request that guests dress up as famous 70s characters. Acceptable characters could include band members from KISS, John Travolta, Farrah Fawcett or a Star Wars character. Create pet rocks to give out as party favors, or provide guests with materials to make their own.

Play music from artists such as Kool and the Gang, Thelma Houston, Donna Summer and Chic for a 70s atmosphere.