What Are Some Ideas for 60th Wedding Anniversary Decorations?


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Some ideas for a 60 year wedding anniversary decorations include placing trivia games made in the decade the couple married at each guest table or placing photographs of the couple from important events or favorite memories in silver frames around the venue, especially at the center of the tables. Because 60 year anniversaries are considered "Diamond Anniversaries," another option is to use faux diamonds in the bottom of flower vases or on the table, as well as diamond table confetti.

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Many anniversary years have specific flower types associated with the year, but there is not one for 60 years, so the focus is on diamond and silver decor. For a larger event, a photo area or booth is a fun way to commemorate the night and keep memories of who attended. A photo area is good to decorate with a wedding arch with silver roses twisted around it or hanging diamonds from the arch with fishing line so the diamonds appear to float overhead. Fun props are on tables to the side of the area for guests to choose, if desired. The photographer creates two copies of the photos, one for the guests and one for the celebrated couple.

The tables are either formally decorated with folded napkins, formal dining plates and silverware, or are a representation of the couple's favorite vacation spot or any collection of memorabilia the couple has. An idea for the cake is a wedding style cake decorated with diamond studded roses made of icing and a large silver cake topper with the year or the couple's names on it.

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