What Are Some Ideas for a 3-Year-Old's Birthday Party?


One idea for a third birthday party is having a parade for the party guests. Give toy instruments to each child and have them march in a line singing and playing a creative birthday song. Sending the children home with a fun favor box can also make the third birthday party memorable.

Sidewalk art is another fun activity three-year olds can participate in. Give each of the party guests sidewalk chalk and allow the children to decorate the sidewalk and driveway. Taking pictures of the artwork to send home as favors can make the activity even more special.

Dance games like "red light, green light" are also fun for three-year-olds. Play music and let the children dance outside or in a designated area of the house. When the music stops, the children must stop dancing. The party guests begin dancing again once you turn the music back on.

A treasure hunt is another idea for a third birthday party. Have the children look for a party favor or prize around the house or party site. The child who finds the prize can help to hide the new item for the other children to find. When sending the party guests home with a favor box, include items that are in keeping with the party theme. For instance, for a barnyard or farm-themed party, include items like a small plush farm animal and a coloring book that features animals like cows and chickens.