What Are Some Ideas for a 13-Year-Old's Birthday Party?

ideas-13-year-old-s-birthday-party Credit: Donald Iain Smith/Moment/Getty Images

When planning a birthday party for a 13-year-old boy or girl, festivities can easily take place at home, with a creative idea. If a party at home is too big of an undertaking, some suggested venues to hold a teenager's birthday party include a bowling alley, movie theater, laser-tag venue, rock-climbing establishment or a go-cart track. Some teens prefer casual parties, such as a video game and pizza party.

One idea is to have a movie or DVD party, by setting up the home to resemble a movie theater. Make fun snack trays out of cardboard boxes and guests can choose from popcorn, ice cream and boxes of candy. The party invitations can be made to look like movie tickets.

A second suggestion is a scavenger hunt. Put some thought into items to hide and create clever clues. Make one large grand prize for the kids to find plus smaller prizes scattered throughout the course.

A few other ideas include indoor camping parties, cooking parties, scrap booking parties or a party that focuses on a community service project where kids take some time to put together items for a local food pantry or create a craft for a neighborhood nursing home.