What Are Ideas for an 11-Year-Old's Birthday Party?

ideas-11-year-old-s-birthday-party Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Since most 11-year-olds like singing talent shows, one good idea is to have a "Rock Star Party." VIP passes are sent out for invitations, and the guests get to have fun with activities such as singing, dancing and rock 'n' roll tattoos. Each guest could be given a goodie bag containing rock star sunglasses, T-shirts and gloves.

Another interesting idea is to have a spa-themed party. Here the girls enjoy activities such as make-up and manicures, while the boys have fun with Wii and face painting. Having an art party is also a productive idea where the tweens learn how to do new stuff and improve their existing skills. A professional artist could be hired to help the guests learn how to paint and draw different things.

An idea that almost always works for kids is a pool party. An indoor public pool can be easily rented out for the party. If the birthday child is a movie buff, then one can have a movie party by playing his favorite film in the living room or the backyard. Movie-themed printables such as invitations, popcorn boxes and bottle wrappers are easily ordered online. Once the movie is over, each guest can give a critique of the flick and rate it accordingly.