What Are Some Idea for Creative Wedding Favors?

What Are Some Idea for Creative Wedding Favors?

Personalized lip balms, succulents in tea cups, photo coasters and commemorative tote bags are creative ideas for wedding favors. Commemorative ornaments make clever wedding favors for a wedding that takes place during the holidays.

For the personalized lip balms, the bride and groom can come up with a fun, unusual lip balm flavor for their guests, such as strawberry champagne or blueberry ginger, and have the lip balms professionally made. To personalize the balms, they should print the names of the wedding guests on them.

Succulents in white tea cups with matching saucers make long-lasting wedding keepsakes, as guests can transfer the plants to their gardens to continue growing them and either display or drink out of the teacups. The succulents in teacups can also double as place cards if the bride and groom place cardboard spoon cutouts with the names of their guests through the handles of the cups.

Coasters that feature meaningful photos of the bride and groom make thoughtful wedding keepsakes that remind some guests of their wedding experiences. Commemorative tote bags that feature the first names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding make useful keepsakes. The bride and groom can add a special design to the tote bags, as well.

For the commemorative ornaments, the bride and groom can either make them by hand or have them professionally made. The ornaments should include their names and the date of their wedding.