How Does the ICare Gifts for Inmates Program Work?

The ICare program offers a way for friends and family members to send gifts to an incarcerated loved one by placing an order at To complete an order, the purchaser needs the inmate's booking number and the name of the facility where the inmate is incarcerated.

Food products are a popular component of the ICare program. Care package options include both sweet and salty snacks, coffee products and staples such as tuna fish, beans and ramen noodles.

In addition to food items, the ICare program sells packages of stationery and writing utensils, as well as personal hygiene products, such as shampoo and toothpaste. Items are sold in packages containing an assortment of products. Exact product availability varies based on the correctional facility.

Although consumers may purchase more than one ICare package at a time, some facilities limit the number of care packages inmates may receive in a given week, according to ICare. Orders are usually delivered on the next scheduled delivery day, and senders are notified when a package has been delivered.

The ICare program is run by Aramark, a food service vendor that supplies commissaries and cafeterias across the country. The ICare program accepts Visa and Mastercard payments.