What Are Some Humorous Get Well Sayings for Someone Recovering From a Broken Leg?

Wishesgreeting.com offers a list of humorous "get well soon" messages, such as joking that a trip to the bathroom is "one giant leap" for someone with a broken leg. Another comical message from the website refers to the itching that occurs while a broken leg is mending. The message begins with offering "a big toe up on a speedy recovery" before commenting on "not too much itching" and also referencing "all those pretty nurses."

Quotesgram.com offers some humorous quotes and cartoons relating to broken bones. One particular cartoon/quote involves a doctor telling a patient that he did have a broken bone but "they fixed it with Photoshop." Another funny quote and picture shows a figure all bandaged up with the comment, "I do my own stunts."

The website also has a quote from comedian Henny Youngman, who recounts telling the doctor that he broke his leg in two places. The doctor responds by telling Youngman not to visit those places anymore.

Cartoonstock.com offers a variety of get well cards that are specifically for those with broken legs and ankles. One particular card shows an angel on crutches. His comment to the other angel is, "I stepped in a hole in the ozone layer and broke my ankle." Another humorous card on the site shows a man with a leg cast telling his friend that he tripped over the "Caution: Floor Slippery" sign.