What Are Some Humorous Types of Survival Kits?


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From business card survival kits to those on charm bracelets, in leather suitcases and behind glass cases, humorous survival kits include those preparing for a zombie apocalypse, a bridal emergency, vampire slaying and being a gentleman, according to Mental Floss. Other possibilities include survival kits for anti-depression, bah humbug, bad referee calls, computer addiction and exercise for a non-exerciser.

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A survival kit for the non-athlete can include a checklist with options to mark off daily activities. Each day can identify several dubious ways to lose weight, such as Monday's beating around the bush, wading through paperwork and jumping to conclusions. Tuesday's exercise regimen might involve making mountains out of molehills, dragging heels and opening a can of worms. The kit can include a wooden block with directions to place it in the middle of a floor, walk around it two times, and then rest because the person circled the block twice.

Sold for $14,850 in an auction, one vampire slayer kit includes an assortment of crosses, wooden stakes, a Bible, holy water vials and garlic. There are also daggers and a bezoar, with the precautionary inclusion of a gun and silver bullets in case the person crosses paths with a werewolf. Ripley's Believe It or Not museums own 26 vampire slayer kits as of 2015.

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