What Are Some Humorous Gifts for Valentine's Day?

Humorous Valentine's Day gifts include sandwich bags covered in kiss prints, bacon-scented body wash or shaving cream, and a heart-shaped egg shaper. Zombie sleep masks, silicone Cupid's arrows for drinks, heart-shaped dog treats and cookies with famous actors' faces on them are also popular gag gifts for Valentine's Day. Some recipients may chuckle when given a high-heeled phone stand, a bottle of soda dressed in a tuxedo, or a candy bar-shaped ice cube tray.

Most humorous Valentine's Day gifts mirror traditional gifts. The addition of bacon scent gives standard personal care gifts a twist, while different shapes on banal items, such as the zombie face on a sleep mask or the heart-shaped egg shaper, turn everyday objects into gag gifts. Some gifts are especially appropriate for certain recipients, such as dog lovers or confirmed bachelors.

Funny greeting cards, such as e-cards that feature a mariachi band playing "Get Down Tonight" or a cartoon banana that wishes the bearer an "a-peeling" holiday, can also be given for Valentine's Day. Some other funny Valentine's Day cards include Grumpy Cat declaring that love stinks, a coffee-drinking dog that loves the recipient "a latte," and a group of hamsters singing about candy, kisses and roses.