What Are Some Housewarming Party Ideas?


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Some ideas for a housewarming party include sending out invitations in the shape of the new house, providing a book for guests to give home-ownership advice, giving a tour of your new home and playing a few housewarming party games.

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Invite guests to your housewarming party with invitations shaped like a small house or a key. The invitation should let guests know you have moved and include pertinent details, such as the new address, time and date of the party. Purchase a large keepsake guest book and place it near the entrance of your home. Ask your guests to sign it when they arrive and to include a few words of advice for a new homeowner. Advice can be anything from home repair tips to dealing with rude neighbors.

Offer your guests a tour of the home shortly after they arrive. Assign someone else, such as a spouse or close friend, to greet other arriving guests, while you give tours. Although it is not typical of a housewarming party, you can play games with your guests. If all your guests have been given a tour, give them a quiz about the location of certain items in the house. Alternatively, you can have a scavenger hunt where guests must locate a certain number of items in your home. You could also put the guests into two teams to create a model of a living room. Give each team materials such as paper, cardboard, tissue paper, scissors and glue. The team that creates your favorite design wins.

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