How Do You Host a Rave Party?


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A rave party is an electronic dance music party, typically dimly lit with only a dance floor and drink table or bar. Rave parties started as an underground movement in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s but have grown into a mainstream activity. Music at raves is typically played very loud and a professional disk jockey is often hired to host the party.

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How Do You Host a Rave Party?
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An accurate guest list is essential for throwing a successful rave party, as overcrowded parties cannot accommodate the dance space needed. Music typically needs to have a rhythmic bass and be organized so that the playlist flows well, giving equal time for energetic, pulsing rhythms and slow breaks to keep the dancers from tiring out. The music is generally fast electronic songs with little to no lyrics. Typically rave decor includes fog machines, black lights, strobe lights and lasers. These can be synchronized to the music for a nice visual effect. Guests typically dress in loud, neon clothing and glow sticks are normally brought or handed out by the event host. Rave parties are often dedicated to a specific theme and the invitations typically list the dress code along with the venue location, the time of the party and items that attendees should bring.

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