How Do You Host a Clothing Swap Party?


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Host a clothing swap party by inviting friends of all shapes and sizes, picking a good time, instructing guests to bring clothing or accessories, setting the clothes up in an organized fashion, and making some ground rules. It is important to allow guests to bring both clothing and accessories so that every guest, despite shape or size, can find something to take home.

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How Do You Host a Clothing Swap Party?
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Pick a good time for your clothing swap party, such as periods in which people go through and pare down their closets. A good time is at the end of a season. In the invitation, ask guests to bring a snack or appetizer to share. Also mention that they should only bring gently-used items in good condition. Instruct them to place all items in a dryer on high heat for 10 minutes to kill any pests. Place a limit on the amount of items that any one person can bring.

At the venue for the part, clear out a room or two. One room is for the clothing and accessories the guests bring. The other room needs to be organized with mirrors as a dressing room. Organize the items according to type, color and size.

Set some basic rules for the swap, such as taking turns shopping or drawing straws when two guests desire the same item.

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