How Do You Host a Baby Shower?

Host a baby shower by selecting a date, choosing a theme, sending invitations, choosing a menu and deciding on relevant activities. The host also needs to decide what kind of party favors there are going to be and assemble them beforehand.

Choose a date during the last two months of the pregnancy. Consult the mother-to-be first for the dates she is available. In some cases, wait until after the baby is born so he can be both the centerpiece and a good conversation starter.

Choose a theme for the baby shower, which helps later when it comes time to choose decorations. A theme can be the ocean, a jungle or just a few coordinating colors and matching flowers. Once a theme is chosen, send out the invitations following the theme's pattern. For instance, send out dolphin invitations for an ocean-themed shower. Invitees should include close friends and family. If throwing a male and female shower, be sure to invite husbands and brothers as well. Send out the invitations several weeks in advance of the date.

Choose a menu for the shower, and provide finger foods or an entire meal. Do not forget to provide cakes or cupcakes for a dessert. Finish by choosing games or activities for the shower, including bingo, trivia games and name suggestions.