What Are Some Homemade Valentine's Day Ideas for Him?


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One homemade Valentine's Day idea for him is to create an upscale, old-fashioned barber shop experience. The treat can include putting him a comfortable reclining chair, wrapping warm towels around his face, head and neck, and then as he relaxes comfortably, offer him a glass of premium Scotch or one of his favorite expensive beverages. Then, give him a leisurely shave.

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What Are Some Homemade Valentine's Day Ideas for Him?
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Another idea is to decorate the house in the style of one of his favorite places. For instance, if the choice is a restaurant, after decorating the house, make a personalized version of the restaurant's menu. The menu doesn't have to contain all of the same items that are on the one in the restaurant, but it should have at least one or two of his favorite dishes and drinks on it. Dress up as one of the restaurant's staff members, and treat him just like he would be treated if he were a guest at the restaurant: seat him at a certain table, give him a menu, take his order and serve him his food. Of course, the experience can include personal touches such as little notes that are served with the meal and feeding him chocolates or fruit in between courses.

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