What Are Some Homemade Party Games for Kids?


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Some homemade games kids can play at an indoor party include hot potato and human twister. For an outdoor party, homemade game ideas include ice breaker and blob tag.

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What Are Some Homemade Party Games for Kids?
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To play hot potato, the children sit in a circle with a designated leader in the middle. The leader closes her eyes while the children toss an object around the circle until the leader shouts, "Hot potato!" The child holding the object when the leader shouts this phrase must exit the circle. The children repeat this process until there is only one person remaining.

A game of human twister begins with the children standing in a circle. They reach their hands toward the inside of the circle, each child grabbing another child's hands. The objective of the game is to then untangle the arm web they have created without letting go of each other's hands. To accomplish this, they must work together to decide how to twist, turn, and step over and through each other's arms.

A game of ice breaker requires an adult to prepare a large block of ice made from water mixed with food dye before the party. Fill a large container halfway, and place it in the freezer until almost frozen; finish freezing after adding several plastic party favors and filling the rest of the container with water. At the party, the children use metal forks or spoons to chip away at the ice and find hidden treasures.

Blob tag is similar to traditional tag, except when the person designated "it" catches someone, the two join hands and must travel together chasing other players. The "blob" chasing the other players continues to grow as it catches more players.

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