What Are Some Homemade Gifts Ideas for Women?


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Some homemade gift ideas for women include a necklace, candles and salt scrub. These ideas require few supplies and are quick and easy to make.

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A necklace is an easy gift that requires beads and thick thread. Cut the thread long enough for the necklace to fit over the head. Tie one end of the thread in a double or triple knot; and add the beads in a patterned design. To finish the necklace, tie the ends of the thread together securely.

To make candles at home, wax, wicks, a pot and glass jars are needed. Wrap a string of wick to a small paperclip; and place the paperclip at the bottom of the jar. Put the wax in a pot, and melt at a medium to low setting on the stove. Pour the melted wax into the jar while holding the top of the wick. Put the jar in the refrigerator or freezer to harden the wax.

A simple recipe for salt scrub includes sea salt, essential oil and olive oil. Add a cup of salt to a glass jar or container. Pour a half cup of olive oil over the salt. Add five drops of essential oil to give the mixture an aromatic scent. Commonly used essential oils include lavender or peppermint.

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