What Are Some Hollywood Party Games?

Some Hollywood-themed party games include award night competitions, designer fashion shows and trivia contests. Other games include movie-making activities, scavenger hunts and celebrity impersonation competitions.

Award night competitions allow friends to come up with a list of Academy Award-style prizes and distribute them to their peers based on group voting. Award lists include categories such as best dancer, funniest girl/guy, most likely to be famous one day and hottest costume. One participant typically volunteers to host the awards.

A designer fashion show provides a fun activity for girls. Guests break into groups and create outfits using household items, such as trash bags, aluminum foil and duct tape. Groups get a certain amount of time to make a dress with the materials at hand, and one person from the group models the dress. Judges then decide who has the most fashionable dress and offer awards for categories such as "wildest" or "most likely to blow off in a slight wind."

Trivia contests are a fun way to test partygoers on Hollywood-themed quotes and gossip. The game's host reads celebrity quotes to participants, who then try to guess who said what. Guessing the origin of classic film quotes is a good activity for teams.