What Are Some Holiday Safety Slogans?

holiday-safety-slogans Credit: Cultura RM/Hugh Whitaker/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

Some holiday safety slogans are "Light up your tree, not your home," "Be on Santa's good list; be safe" and "Drive with reason this holiday season." There are other slogans that are holiday-related, like "Tis the season for safety."

There are many more safety slogans that follow a holiday theme. Some more examples of holiday safety slogans are "Don't be a scrooge, get it fixed," "Santa likes a clean chimney, so do we," "Santa doesn't do plaster casts," "Christmas is best enjoyed at home, not in the hospital" and "Christmas is coming, the turkey is getting fat, watch out for hazards, lest you go splat." Some other holiday safety slogans are "Only Santa has a magical vehicle, don't drink and drive," "Smoke detectors make good stocking stuffers" and "The best gift you can give your family is you. Please be safe."

Slogans can also have a humorous appeal to them. Some other slogans include "You can't pick up your pay with no fingers," "While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work," "Follow the safety rules or you'll be fired before you hit the ground," "Ladder safety has its ups and downs" and "A hardhat on your head keeps you from being dead."