What Are Some Holiday Gift Basket Ideas for Men?

What Are Some Holiday Gift Basket Ideas for Men?

PioneerThinking.com suggests some good ideas for men's gift baskets, such as those related to fishing, movies, grilling or football. Include both food products and non-food related items to round out the baskets.

Fishing gift baskets include fishing line, lures and bobbers. Instead of putting these items in a basket, use a tackle box. Add in a few sinkers, flies and pliers. Snack foods that are great for fishermen include beef jerky and nuts, both of which have protein for those long hours out on the lake.

For the avid movie-watcher, fill a basket with either a couple of theater tickets or a new DVD. Tuck in some microwave popcorn packets, flavored toppings, a box or two of candy and a carbonated beverage.

Men who love to grill are likely to enjoy gift baskets that include an apron, oven mitts, grilling utensils and some good barbecue sauce. Add in a cookbook with new grilling recipes and some spices.

Football gift baskets include a soft football to throw around during commercial breaks, along with pretzels, beer and peanuts. Chips and salsa make great additions as well. Be sure to add in a few small items with the home team's name or logo on them.